Differences of Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy, Clean Energy

Differences between renewable energy, alternative energy, clean energy may not be obvious. But each term is unique and has its own individual definition. These three concepts are not all exactly the same.

renewable-energy which making changes to save our planet for our children

renewable-energy which making changes to save our planet for our children

Renewable Energy is any energy coming from renewable natural resources such as the wind, rain, solar, geothermal, and tidal. It is called “renewable” because it does not run dry. You can always get more of it. People are beginning to turn to this type of energy because of rising oil prices and the prospect that one day we could deplete the available sources of fossil fuels, as well as because of concerns about the harmful effects of our conventional energy sources have on the environment. Of all the various forms of renewable energy, wind power is one which is growing in use. The number of users who have some form of wind power installed capacity has increased, with the current global production capacity to around 100 GW.

Alternative Energy When we talk about alternative energy sources, we refer to sources of usable energy that can replace conventional energy sources (usually without adverse side effects). The term “alternative energy” is typically used to refer to other sources of energy than nuclear energy or fossil fuels. During the course of history, “alternative energy” refers to different things. There was a time when nuclear power was considered an alternative to conventional energy and therefore was called “alternative energy sources.” But times have changed. These days, a kind of “alternative energy” could be renewable energy or clean energy, or both. The terms are often mutually interchangeable, but definitely not the same.

Clean Energy is simply any form of energy that is created with pure, harmless and non-polluting methods. Most renewable energy is also clean energy. But not all. An example is geothermal energy. It can be a renewable energy source, but some geothermal processes can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, this is not always a clean energy. However, there are also other forms of geothermal energy that are safe and clean. Pure Energy makes the less environmental impact than our current conventional sources do. It creates a negligible amount of carbon dioxide and its use can reduce the speed of global warming – or global pollution. As you can see, alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean energy are very similar. But it is important to know that there are differences. There are many actions that can be taken, to help reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Some of these steps can be taken in your own home. Many clean energy solutions can easily be installed, and some kits are quite affordable. Carbon emissions and other forms of pollution are not only caused by heavy industrial factories. They are created in the joint household as well. Energy efficiency has become an important aspect of our lives. It is important to start making changes now if we want to save our planet for our children, flora and fauna on earth, and humanity’s future. Clean energy, to be exact, can make a big difference.

Renewable Energy for Green Earth

The renewable energy is energy strategy for future, Due to the world currently relies heavily on non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil and natural for its energy. These energy sources are nonrenewable, which will eventually dwindle and be causing environmental damages that are too expensive to be recovered. In contrast, renewable energy resources will never run out because they can be reproduced endlessly. Moreover, they are clean and environmentally friendly. With the technology improvement that significantly reduces the cost of using renewable resources to generate power, it will become the major energy solutions for the future. Let’s use review the five major sources of renewable energy, which the world is focusing on as the long-term energy strategy for future as this following.

Solar energy which transform into electrical power by solar panels

Solar energy which transforms into electrical power by solar panels

Solar Energy The Sun The most common renewable energy source is either directly or indirectly from the sun. The energy from solar power can be directly be used for home uses. In fact, many of homemade renewable energy systems are built based on the solar power system. The solar power has been wide uses as the alternative power source to generate electricity, and for hot water heating, solar cooling and to power a variety of home appliances.






wind energy which transform into electrical power by wind turbine

wind energy which transforms into electrical power by the wind turbine

Wind Energy The Wind Besides the sun, the wind is another common use renewable energy source. The movement of wind is captured with the blades of wind turbines to be converted into electric energy and then turn into electricity via transformers.







biomass energy which a kind of renewable energy which save our planet.

biomass energy which a kind of renewable energy which saves our planet.

Bio Energy Biomass is a renewable energy source, derived from living organisms such as plants, wood, and waste. Although the Biomass has not been commonly used like the sun and the wind, mainly due to the complexity involved. However, scientists are making a good progress toward generating electricity and producing transportation fuels.







hydropower which one of renewable energy which developed by our older generation

hydropower which one of renewable energy which developed by our older generation

Hydropower is a power generated by taking advantage of gravity when water falls from one level to another. Usually, the kinetic energy of water is captured with water turbines and turns into electric energy to generate electricity. Summary The technology improvement has enabled the generation of power from renewable energy at lower cost than before. The above sources are the five major renewable, nonpolluting, and reliable energy sources.


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