How solar energy save our planet from pollution

advantages of solar energy or solar power are that it is more eco-friendly and no limitation energy sourceadvantages of solar energy or solar power are that it is more eco-friendly and no limitation energy source

Solar energy: renewable, and no limitation energy source

Solar Energy with the rise in energy consumption, rising price of energy sources (coal, petroleum, natural gas) and the harmful effects of using fossil fuel, Solar energy appears as the best alternative resource available. Solar energy is derived from sunlight and is now considered as the most eco-friendly and cheap source of electricity. In the last few years, the use of Solar energy and Photovoltaic technology became widespread and is still progressing all over the world. Humanity seeks new sources of energy in the last couple of decades after the harmful effects of fossil fuels started to appear in our atmosphere. Fortunately, renewable energy sources provide the best alternative to fossil fuels as they are more eco-friendly. These renewable energy sources include sun, wind, wave power, hydroelectricity, and biomass. Out of these green energy sources, solar power is considered as the cheapest and most eco-friendly resulting in the huge investments by energy giants and many countries in the solar energy sector.

Why Solar Energy Even though, 90% of the energy production in the United States is still by the use of fossil fuels, renewable energy sources like solar power are growing rapidly. One of the major concerns about the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil is their limited quantity available around the earth. With the sharp rise in global energy needs, a number of available resources of fossil fuels in decreasing rapidly prompting many major world economies to shift to other energy sources like wind or sun as they are both abundant. The limited availability of fossil fuels and the dependability of industries on these fuels affected the productivity of industrial nations around the globe and had contributed to the global economic crisis. With the shortage of fossil fuels, ever rising fuel prices and expensive electricity, the alternate use of solar power is more than a blessing for humanity.

advantages of solar energy or solar power are that it is more eco-friendly and no limitation energy source

advantages of solar energy or solar power are that it is more eco-friendly and no limitation energy source

The Global Change And Solar Energy,  Many countries around the globe are investing huge capital in renewable energy sources that are more environmental and are easily available. Many countries with rivers and other water sources are investing in hydroelectricity, other countries with high wind locations are investing heavily to convert wind energy into electricity while every other country is investing in new projects of solar energy to produce cheap electricity. With an estimated 4.5 billion years life span of the sun, it is almost impossible for solar energy to run out.

Solar Power Conversion The two most common ways to convert sun energy is direct and indirect conversion.

  • Direct Conversion of Solar Energy The direct conversion is quick and can convert sun power into electrical or thermal energy. It only requires solar cell or solar panels for converting solar energy into electricity or solar thermal collectors to convert sun power into heat (for heating homes in winter).
  • Indirect Conversion of Solar Energy The other type of conversion is indirect conversion. The prime example of indirect conversion of the solar energy into other forms of energy is bio-fuel technology in which the leaves of plants use the solar power to produce chemical energy that can be burned later as a fuel for generating electricity. In fact, every other energy source is indirectly derived from one source, our Sun.

To start with the advantages of solar energy, the first advantage is its widespread and ever expanding applications with the advancement in technology. Energy giants and other companies are investing heavily in order to use solar energy in more and more appliances of daily use. The most common application of solar energy is to use it in producing heat and electricity. Due to the huge investments and efforts in research and development for the application of solar energy in the life of common people today, you can find a wide range of appliances from a small appliance like the solar lights to huge projects like solar trains.

The other most common uses and advantages of solar energy are as follows:

Solar energy is widely available and there is no limitation like other sources of energy including coal and fossil oil. Sunlight is available almost everywhere on earth and is in abundance. Even among renewable energy resources, solar energy is the most abundant energy source available for mankind.As sunlight is free, it is also one of the cheapest energy sources to produce electricity. The only investment is the start-up of the solar power project for equipment and infrastructure. You can easily get rid of heavy electricity bills by using the electricity produced by solar power later on.With the increased competition, the cost of equipment and infrastructure for the solar energy is decreasing at a sharp rate. The technology is continually evolving and improving resulting in a decline in costs. The declining cost is making the use of the solar technology easier for common people.

One of the biggest advantages of solar power is that it is more eco-friendly than any other type of energy source. While all other energy sources like coal and petroleum emit harmful gases, solar power is emission free. Many countries are investing in solar energy just to make their environment better and to contribute to making the world greener.You may have to find a good place to use other renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity and wind energy but in case of solar power, you can almost use it anywhere in the world. In remote areas, where the power cables of the national electricity grid are unreachable, you can still produce electricity using solar power easily.With the advancement in solar technology, the maintenance cost of solar systems had decreased sharply. In case of the photovoltaic (PV) array, the cost of maintenance is almost zero as once installed; the solar photovoltaic (PV) can last for years.As a summary, solar power is the most consistent source of energy. The Sun is going to be there for a billion of years, so the solar energy is almost a never ending source of energy.

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