Advantages-Disadvantages of Solar Panels

solar panels roof is best choice, if you are interested in keeping the cost downsolar panels roof is best choice, if you are interested in keeping the cost down

Advantages/Disadvantages and facts of Solar Panels

Are you really want to know advantages and disadvantages of Solar Power and the facts of Solar Energy? You have maybe read lots on the web already about what and how to use Solar energy but what really are the advantage and disadvantages of solar power/solar panels. Well, I’m about to cover the general aspects of it all.

Advantages of Solar Panels: So I shall cover the advantages, and the main one has to be the fact that it is an energy supply that is limitless. We have copious amounts of sun, which gives us free power.You could technically disconnect yourself from the grid….technically, however, this is not advised. The best thing to do is to give the power back to your provider in return for a discount on your bill.

solar panels roof is best choice, if you are interested in keeping the cost down

solar panels roof is the best choice if you are interested in keeping the cost down

Your Solar Panels can be placed anywhere as long as there is light, ideally though you want direct sun light to make sure you are producing the most amount of power from the sun light. Solar Panels come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to power all sorts of things, from space stations to calculators, they really are a fantastic way to help power our lives.Solar cells which are the main part that produces the electricity and that actually makes up a solar panel are reasonably cheap, you can find several providers online which will sell you the cells individually for you to make your own solar panel. You make wish to read this article about how to make your own solar panel if you are interested in keeping the cost down. Lets now forget one of the most important elements of the solar panel, the fact that it doesn’t run out like Oil. Although we still have a fair amount of oil left in the world it is going down very quickly and the more scarce it becomes the higher the price shall be. But the most important fact is the pollution produced by a solar panel, or should I say there is no pollution produced and that is why it is such a wonderful resource to have.There is also another important thing to remember when it comes to pollution and solar panels, which is they produce no sound pollution, they silently sit there taking in the Solar energy and producing electricity for you. Unlike a diesel engine or other mechanical motors that produce electricity a solar panel doesn’t really need any maintenance, there are no moving parts, oil to top up or even servicing. They will last a very long time and the only thing they require from you is that you make sure they are clean so that can work effectively for you.Finally as quickly mentioned above, the construction and installation are fairly easy, should you wish to make a simple setup at home they are being done by anyone who shows an interest in doing it.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels: The biggest disadvantage of solar panels, especially on a large scale is the initial setup fees.Generally speaking, when you are going to a large setup you will need to call in some professionals which of course cost more than a DIY job.

large scale solar panels need professional and large space

large scale solar panels need professional and large space

However, once you pay the initial setup fee off you are technically getting free power and saving money every month.You can you use Solar panel calculator to get a rough cost of the investment.Of course, the most obvious solar disadvantage is that it needs sun light so at night it wouldn’t work. There are certain ways around this by either saving the electricity produced during the day into batteries or in the future there may be a new type of solar cell which works on the heat. Space can also be a problem with anyone who wishes to do it on a large scale, but it all depends on how much electricity you wish to produce. If you want to produce 100% power for your house you may need a big roof space as you could need anything up to 36 panels.So there you have it.

An introduction In the modern day world, most people are aware of the tremendous benefits that solar energy holds out as a renewable energy resource.As energy prices keep going up, many homeowners are starting to investigate cheaper alternative energies that can be easily installed and run on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to cut costs, or you just want to go green, solar panels are often the first choice for many homeowners.

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