Solar panels and advantage

Solar panelssolar panels which transform solar energy to electrical power

Solar panels and advantage of solar energy

Solar panels were created by inventors, To transform solar energy into electrical power, which solar energy is considered by the experts as the source which would power the world in the near future. Importance of the solar energy is recognized all over the globe. However, it can be argued that in which manner it is better than the sources of energy that we currently use. There are several solar energy benefits. Some directly benefit the individuals and the others have the positive effects on the entire globe. It is speculated that current deposits of the fossil fuels are going to be extinguished in fifty years or so. Because of this threatening situation, the importance of finding the alternative energy resources that are going to power the entire globe has increased by many folds and the solar energy benefits have compelled the experts to consider it as the most feasible source of renewable energy.One of the major solar energy benefits is that it is not going to run out like the fossil but would power the planet for eternity and not in any way would reduce the capability of the sun. This feature gives the solar power an edge over other traditional fuels because it is the never-ending source of energy. Another advantage is the emission of no or relatively smaller amount of pollutants. By using this source of the energy we can eliminate the soil, sea, and air pollution and also mitigate the impact of the global warming.If the usage of the solar energy increases, it would benefit the whole society by improving the echo system and generating employment opportunities for the individuals. However, if we want to achieve that threshold, it would require a lot of hard work and huge investment to materialize it.Solar energy helps the individual families to reduce their utility bills as the cost of the electricity is increasing rapidly. Additionally, when your solar panel is installed then you would only have to spend meager amount of money on its maintenance and upkeep. Furthermore, some of the solar energy companies offer a warranty period of roughly 20 to 30 years. Listed below are some of the prominent solar energy benefits.

  • After the initial cost of the installation, you are able to produce the energy almost free of cost.
  • Some governments offer the individuals financial aid, rebate or tax credits that can help reduce the cost of initial set up.
  • After you install these solar panels then they don’t require any fuel to produce the energy.
  • By installing solar panels, a person can save himself or herself from the fluctuations of the fossil fuels which tend to increase their overall expenditure.
  • Usage of the solar energy contributes to reducing the threats to the health costs.
  • This source is very environment-friendly and does not aggravate the global warming as compared to the fossil fuels.
  • These solar panels operate silently and do not produce noise pollution and unbearable smells.
  • When the demand of the family increases, an additional panel can be easily added to fulfill the need.
Solar panels

solar panels which transform solar energy to electrical power

There are some complications in utilizing the solar energy benefits because it heavily depends on where does one live. Because the sunlight absorbed by the solar panel is of important consideration and they require the minimum of 5 hours daily sunlight to work efficiently. Another impediment is the requirement of relatively large space for the installation of solar panels. If you wish to install solar panels, it is better to plan for the availability of necessary space in advance. However, research is being carried out to make the solar panels more efficient and make them able to store more energy for the times when the light is lower. Solar energy benefits are so engrossing that people from all over the world are rapidly adopting this technology. A day will come when we will be able to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels.

Different types of  Solar Panels

you can find different types of Solar Panels, with each type virtually representing the next higher generation in the development of this technology. However, each one is still developing and the level of efficiency offered by them is almost at par or has a difference of a few percentages. The leading solar panel types are described here in brief.

1. Mono-crystalline Solar Panels, In these types of panels, crystalline silicon is used for making large sheets that can be cut to create the panels. Thus, a single and large-sized cell creates all the panels. Metallic strips are then laid on the cell and it acts as the conductor for capturing the freely moving electrons. The unique thing about mono-crystalline Solar Energy Panels is that they have higher efficiency compared to the second type of panels, polycrystalline panels. However, they are still cheaper than the later.

2. Poly-crystalline Solar Panels, In this type of solar panels, a group of smaller solar cells is added together to create a large cell. These panels have lesser efficiency compared to the monocrystalline alternatives. The strange thing about this technology is that even though it costs less to the manufacturer compared to the mono-crystalline panels, these Solar Energy Panels cost more to the end customer.Manufacturing ProcessA poly-crystalline solar cell can be produced in many different ways. Two of these popular methods are as following:

Cast Poly-Silicon Method

  • This process involves adding molten silicon to a large block.
  • The block is cooled and the silicon is cut into thin wafers that are used for making photovoltaic cells.
  • The solar cells are then collected inside a panel.
  • The metal strips are placed over these cells and they are connected to each other to form an electrical circuit.ii) String Ribbon Silicon Method
  • This method is a slight variation of the cast poly-silicon method.
  • However, in this case, thin strips are drawn from the molten silicon.
  • Then, these crystalline strips are grouped together in Solar Energy Panels and placed with metal strips for completing the electrical circuit.
  • This process is cheaper than the poly-silicon method, but the cost to the end user is strangely higher.
  • The costs are saved in terms of the sewing process required in cutting the wafers in the poly-silicon method.
  • In some cases, string ribbon silicon cells have higher efficiency compared to the polysilicon cells.
solar energy is the power source of solar panels for electrical power generating

solar energy is the power source for electrical power generating

3. Thin Film Solar Energy Panels The production of thin film Solar Energy Panels is entirely different from that of the crystalline solar panels. In this case, the silicon is used without its crystalline structure. Rather, it is applied to a surface as a thin film. And, even alternatives of silicon like Copper Indium Diselenide (CIS) or Cadmium Telluride are used as semiconductors. The coated material is then connected to the metal strips as in the case of the crystalline cells. However, the typical components found in the crystalline panels are not used because in this case, there is no need for that level of protection.Advantages of Thin-Film Panels

1. The main advantage of thin-film Solar Energy Panels is that they have the lower cost of manufacturing.

2. Secondly, they are highly versatile.

3. This technology doesn’t depend upon the long and costly process of making silicon crystal. This means that this process is extremely fast.

4. It is also possible to create flexible solar cells because the semiconductor material can be applied to a wide range of materials.However, compared to the crystalline Solar Energy Panels, the thin-film panels have lower efficiency. And, that this technology uses low-quality silicon means that the efficiency can also decline with time.


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