Wind Energy

endless supply of wind energy that can be collectedendless supply of wind energy that can be collected

Renewable Wind Energy

How do you define wind energy?In the simplest of terms, the wind is the movement of air. It is created as the warmer air rises in the atmosphere. Some locations are prone to more wind than others due to the climate of it. That is also why some periods of the year can be full of wind while others are more calm and peaceful. Yet that blowing wind really helps for the seeds of trees, plants, and flowers to get where they need to be.Sometimes it is just a light breeze that can feel good. Other times it is cold and blowing everything around in sight. This is why we sometimes welcome the wind and at other times we may be cursing it. High winds can be extremely dangerous and cause plenty of damage. Many people lose shingles off their roof due to it. Semi trucks may have to get off the roads due to the force of the wind on their vehicles.The wind can also be used favorably in many ways though. We have found it to be an effective tool. Something as common and fun as flying a kite can’t be accomplished without the wind to give it movement and to keep it in the air. For a lovely sound people often place wind chimes outside of their home. This presents a melody as the wind blows through them.There are special tools that can be used to measure the speed of the wind. Generally, these are used by experts in the weather field. Many of them are readers for radar that are in place. This allows for the wind in various spots to be reviewed and recorded several times per day. This information can help people to know how to dress and to protect themselves from the wind. Small children can be susceptible to painful ear infections due to exposure to large gusts of wind.Renewable wind energy has also become a very economical resource to use for electricity. There will always be an endless supply of wind power that can be collected. Since the very early days, people have been doing so with the use of windmills. Today many of them have been replaced with high powered turbines that can collect more of the energy from the wind.

endless supply of wind energy that can be collected

endless supply of wind energy that can be collected

Wind Energy Facts That You Need To Know Here

Wind energy facts that can help you understand its nature and capabilities as another source of energy and electricity. If you are interested in knowing the different sources of energy, then this article will tell you about wind energy facts.Did you know that wind energy is actually a form of solar energy?

  • It is a result of irregular temperature caused by the sun in the atmosphere. Wind energy is then produced when the earth rotates and modified by the earth’s uneven surface. This form of energy was discovered by a German physicist named Albert Betz in 1919.
  • Wind energy is used to generate electricity by means of turbines. Wind turbines harvest the wind flowing through the earth’s surface then turns into mechanical power. By using generators, this mechanical energy can be converted to electricity. The mechanical energy produced, by itself, can be used to pump water or to grid grains. In most parts of the United States, wind energy is widely used as a source of electricity.
  • This form of energy is pollution free. Since wind energy is generated through the use of turbines, no oil or fossil fuel is used. Thus, no smoke or air pollutants are created. Research shows that approximately 2600 tons of carbon dioxide are reduced for every megawatt of wind energy produced. This, therefore, provides us fresher air to breathe and a healthier living environment.
  • One of the oldest forms of energy comes from the wind. As early as 5000 B.C., sailors used the wind to move from one point to another. Applying the idea behind thermodynamics, sails of boats were used to let the wind push the vessel to a particular direction, allowing the boat to travel. Wind mills powered by sails were then invented to ease agricultural activities.
  • Wind energy is another form of renewable energy. Like solar energy, wind energy is also limitless as long as the wind is free flowing around the globe. Because wind energy is renewable, it is also considered as a long term energy source.

There are a lot more wind energy facts.These include its viability to the energy market and the benefits we get from using wind power. One of the simple wind energy facts is that energy can be produced locally in great climate conditions like that of seaside and fields in the rural areas. In these regions, the mass of wind is strong, thereby making wind turbines accumulate more wind energy. With this good type of weather, proper investment in wind turbines can generate income by selling electricity. Government subsidies are already present for this kind of projects like reduced taxes for materials in order to promote a greener and more eco-friendly environment.As the price of oil is increasing and biofuels are consumed faster than they are produced, people would rely more on the renewable sources of energy like solar power and wind energy. The USA, China and the rest of Europe have big productions of wind power generated electricity as of 2011. They produce almost 175,000 megawatts during that year alone. If building of wind mills are maximized, the electricity requirement of the world will be filled sufficiently with these power generating turbines.

wind turbines occupy less space compared to power generating stations

wind turbines occupy less space compared to power generating stations

Another of the wind energy facts is that wind power widens the variation of energy sources and improves our electricity or energy supply.Some cannot argue that there are many benefits provided by using wind power to generate electricity. But wind energy facts tell us that this technology has not yet been applied globally to achieve its full potential because of cost constraints. Building wind masses or turbines mean millions to spend. Aside from costs, wind energy has also its share of disadvantages. The Wind blows statically; therefore it is not considered to permanently provide electricity at some point in time for a specific region. Another is that it causes too much noise upon generation so it is advised to locate the wind farms away from households. Flying creatures like birds and bats are also harmed with the operation of windmills since they may be propelled towards the blades then eventually get killed.Advantages, however, have more weight than its disadvantages. Added to the list of wind energy facts and advantages is that wind turbines occupy less space compared to power generating stations. The area of the wind farms can also be utilized for agricultural purposes. In this way, the use of land is maximized. It also helps decrease global warming because it does not produce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Another advantage of wind energy turbines is that compared to power plants, wind turbines require minimal costs of maintenance.It is documented that wind energy is one of the most rapidly growing energy industries. Installed capacity of wind turbines reached 238 GW with a growth percentage of 27.6% in 2011. For this year(2017), it is expected that wind power produced can supply approximately 8% of the energy of the world. That is also regarded as one of the more optimistic wind energy facts. In spite of these projections, wind power reliability is still a question. When the wind stops blowing, how can these wind turbines generate power? The geographical placing of turbines is systematically studied in order to ensure that wind power generation is continuous. Intermittency, however, cannot be foreseen but then, the reliability of wind occurrence is high especially in high altitude areas and beside water bodies, it is fascinating to know that the world has many sources of energy. Some help in the promotion of a greener world and reduce the cost of power generation; some can damage the earth like nuclear geothermal power plants and others are on the verge of extinction (biofuels). If you know more wind energy facts, let the world know. These wind energy facts should be taught to future generations in order to maintain our clean environment and maximize the full potential of free energy sources like the sun, wind, heat, and water.

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